7 red flags if you suspect your teenager is using drugs

Sometimes parents get suspicious about their teenager’s behaviour. There are definite warning signs parents need to watch out for if they suspect that he/she might be using drugs.

If your teenager start behaving in the followings ways, especially if there is no other explanation for the behaviour, you may need to get some outside help:

Emotions like irritability/huge mood swings

Sudden noticeable changes in your child’s emotions may be important. If there are no other obvious reasons for the emotions, start looking closer at the teenager’s behaviour.

Destructive behaviour/violence

Teenagers who are abusing drugs may become very destructive or violent for no reason.


You will detect that your teenager is dishonest and tell lies about his/her whereabouts, spending of pocket money, etc.

Money and other valuable items may be missing from the house.

Lack of motivation and concentration

It is a sign of possible trouble if your teenager has suddenly no motivation or concentration.

Poor school reports give further confirmation that something is wrong.

Withdrawal from family

Teenagers who are involved with drugs withdraw from their families and are very secretive about their whereabouts.

They have a sudden urge to go out more often and stay out very late.


These teenagers have a “don’t care” attitude, even towards siblings and pets that they used to love a lot.

Lack of responsibility

If your child suddenly has no responsibility, it might be a red flag for you as a parent. They often do not even care about their own safety.

For you as a parent to conclude that your teenager is possibly using drugs, there need to be a combination of signs. If there is only one of these red flags, it might be for some other reason. When your child is showing many or all of these behaviours, you may need to consider getting the help of a professional.

Infographic by: helpyourteennow.com

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