Treatment available

Physical detox

Most of our clients need help in removing the drugs or alcohol from their bodies.

We do this in our hospital section and the medical staff takes responsibility for this part of the treatment.

The patient receives various types of medication in order to make them as comfortable as possible during this difficult period.

Patients in hospital may not receive any visitors. The staff will keep the family updated on the progress of the patient.

Once patients are done with their detoxification, they return to their rooms.

Mental and emotional treatment

The next step in the treatment focuses mainly on the mental and emotional side of addictions.

Patients receive information about what the addictions does to them physically and emotionally.

They get the chance to share and discuss their own experiences and emotions.

Spiritual treatment

The spiritual aspect of their rehabilitation is last on the list. Patients get help to see a higher purpose in their lives.

They are motivated and inspired to change their lives and reach a higher goal in future.

Ways of providing the treatment

Individual sessions: Every patient has one hour of individual therapy per day with one of the counsellors.

Group sessions: We have groups of five patients. Every group meets every second day for an hour.

Groups focus mainly on sharing and supporting. Group leaders also share Information on the various addictions.

Family sessions: If the family of the patient is nearby, we have family therapy sessions. These sessions provide valuable information on the dynamics of the family.