5 Reasons why a rehabilitation centre may not always help an addict

Not all addicts will benefit from treatment in a rehabilitation centre. The treatment can only be as successful as the person’s attitude towards the treatment.

The following five reasons may explain when drug rehab does not always work:

Wanting to please family/spouse

The addict should undergo the treatment because he/she chooses to do it.

To go for treatment just because your family ask you to, will not work as you are not motivated enough.

You have to go for treatment out of your own free will.

Lack of honesty

You as the addict may say and do what treatment professionals expect of you, without being honest about your own involvement in the process.

You have to be honest about your addiction to yourself. If you are in denial, you will not benefit from any treatment.

Blaming and giving excuses for your addiction will also add to the failure of your treatment.

Belief that you are different

If you believe that you are different from other addicts, you may feel that the treatment is not applicable to you.

You may want special attention or no attention at all.

You may expect that the treatment professionals should make exceptions for you.

No after-care

If you go back to the same situations as before the treatment, you may find it difficult to apply your newly learned skills.

You will have to change some of your circumstances like your friends or stop visits to bars.

No commitment

You as the addict need to be committed to stay away from alcohol or drugs. If you are not committed, you will find that you will quickly relapse.


You may often sabotage yourself and fall back to your old ways. Poor self-image and low self-worth lead to little motivation to stay sober or to improve your circumstances.

You may believe that you are not strong enough to stay sober which leads to a relapse.

You have to be honest, committed and motivated to benefit from treatment in a rehabilitation centre. The treatment is just the start of the process. The rest of the journey is up to you.

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